January 29, 2014

To whom it May Concern:

Reference:  Real Estate Agent – Don Betts

We just purchased a house in San Diego in October of 2013, after beginning our search in June of 2012.   We were very fortunate to be assisted in the process by Don Betts, and wholeheartedly recommend him to any buyer in the San Diego area.

Although we were both entirely new to the San Diego and did not have any background information on the neighborhood options, we have very particular tastes and were determined to find the rare opportunity of a lovely house in an upscale neighborhood, yet at a reasonable price.  Don was very helpful and patient with us during the nearly 18 months this process unfolded (due to our extreme pickiness), and with his help, we succeeded in achieving our goal.  Don was very pro-active in finding new opportunities for us, very professional in dealing with sellers and their agents, quick in responding to our emails and phone calls and he listened clearly to our feedback on properties we visited.  Don never pressured us to make offers on properties we didn’t like, and even spotted issues and defects in properties we hadn’t noticed.  Through his website we were able to screen hundreds of properties and eventually visited several dozen with him until we found the perfect one for our family.

We are very thankful to Don for his patient and wise guidance through the process of buying our first home and would be delighted to recommend him to others in our position, without reservation.


Duane and Jazzy Nash

San Diego, CA 92131