January 31, 2014

This is to commend Realtor Donald L. Betts for his work listing, marketing, and selling a residential property for my company, Sharp HealthCare, in late 2013. Given my company’s non-profit status and corporate requirements, it was important that we follow a fair, competitive and clearly documented process to evaluate the property and complete a sale to an independent third party.

Mr. Betts understood these requirements. He consistently looked out for the interests of the client and handled the transaction in an open and ethical way. Market information, recommendations and progress reports were well documented and clearly presented throughout.

Mr. Betts prepared a detailed and professional analysis in setting the list price. He considered both the “as is” and “as repaired” values to make sure the home was priced properly, providing credible and thoughtful advice about the property and the type of purchaser it would likely attract.

He proposed a marketing strategy intended to generate a high level of interest and offers, and indeed that is what happened. We received a total of 17 offers and ultimately sold the property quickly, at price much higher than the company had anticipated. We were very pleased.

With his background in construction and commercial real estate development as well as residential properties, Mr. Betts brings a unique skill-set to his profession. He is hard working, smart, patient and professional. I would not hesitate to use Mr. Betts’ service again or to recommend him to any person wishing to sell or buy a property.


Karen MacLeod

Principal Manager, Real Estate

Sharp HealthCare